FAKECALL -  FOR THE TREO® 650/700P/680/755 /CENTRO

Fake Call is a program that is intended to give Treo  owners a way to escape impromptu office meetings and unwanted social interactions using the Treo -- by simulating incoming phone calls!

With your phone in your pocket, switch the System Ringer switch to Off and On or setup an appointment in the Calendar application and voila! A call will materialize from anyone you want, your phone will light up like a Christmas tree, your favorite ringtone will sound and, when you accept your fake call, an active call screen identical to a real one will display and a voice will be heard on the other end of the line! This program is a true escape from any unwanted situation!

FakeCall: 2.3  for Treo® 650/700P/680/755/Centro

Price: $4.95 USD Online Manual


  • Authentic incoming and call screens
  • Set an appointment in the Calendar to activate the fakecall automatically
  • Set delay time before FakeCall is activated
  • Randomly pick a contact from the Contacts app for the fakecall
  • Use MIDI and AMR as ringtone
  • Greeting.  Assign any wav/mp3/ogg sound files to simulate the other caller when you answer
  • Very easy to activate even when your Treo is in your pocket
  • Very simple User Interface


  • TreoŽ 650/700P/680/755/Centro
  • 53K of free memory
  • PocketTunes for Greeting sound



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